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Once armed with an agent account a bookie can direct players to a website. Each will have a private username and password. They can now do their betting online or call wagering support. There is no additional charge for phone users. The agent and his players now have access to a wide array of wagering options and client services. All for only $10 per head or less. And the wagering options are not limited to sports. They also include horse racing and access to live and digital casinos. Players can view sports lines or play casino 24/7 from their PC or mobile device. The agent can track the action and have wagers recorded and graded in real-time. Action can be tracked via the agent PC or mobile interface. We have several websites and interfaces to choose from. Or have us build your own custom website. We do it all!

With Five Star bookmaking software agents no longer need to track the action manually or answer calls. Now the local bookie has the tools to compete with off-shore sports books. Time can now be devoted to existing clients and finding new ones. All for only $10 per head! With no minimums. No hidden fees. No requirements. The benefits of using Five Star price per head sportsbook services are numerous. Offering greater earning potential for less work with no revenue splits. This equals less hassle and more profits! With the number of pay per head services growing so rapidly it may be difficult to decide which company to use. Read “How to find good price per head sportsbook services” for more details.  Online bookmaking software has quickly grown in popularity over the past few years. There is a reason for this. Learn more about how price per head sportsbook services has given new life to the local bookie business. See our article “Bookmaking software put the local bookie back in business”.


Don’t wait. Contact Five Star today. The leader in Price Per Head Sportsbook services. Free trial. Only $10 per head or less. 2 weeks free. Sign up now. Or call Five Star price per head sportsbook services today! 1-888-980-9342.