How do bookmakers make money?

Vigorish, or simply “vig”, or “juice”, is the amount charged by a bookmaker for his services. The term is Yiddish slang originating from the Russian word for “winnings,” vyigrysh. The concept is also known as the overround.


Bookmakers use this concept to make money on their wagers regardless of the outcome. Because of the vigorish concept, bookmakers should not have an interest in either side winning in a given sporting event. They are interested, however, in getting equal action on each side of the event. In this way, the bookmaker minimizes their risk and always collects a small commission from the vigorish. The bookmaker will normally adjust the odds (or line) to attract equal action on each side of an event.


The biggest misconception about Vigorish is that the loser pays it. Win or lose, all players pay the same commission to the bookmakers. How do they determine the proper odds? Experience or having a good sports book provider. The ones who can do so successfully are the ones who last in the business. And the odds also change as the money comes in so that each side has approximately equal bet on it. Read “How to be a bookie” for more details! Call 1-888-999-3943 for more info. Find out how 5 Star Per Head can help make you a Five Star bookmaker!



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