Bookmaking Tips and Strategies.

♠      Occasionally consider  charging extra juice, especially on teasers. Extra juice on teasers has become quite the norm.

      Consider charging extra juice to purchase points.

♠      Decrease your parlay odds. Your per head adviser can do this on your behalf.

      Create a max win or pay-out limit.

♠      Raise your price on quarters and halves. 30 cents on halves and 40 cents on quarters (accumulatively on both sides).

      At times, consider moving the line by a half a point on your local home team.

♠      Ties on Teasers LOSE.

      Parlays… to demote or not to demote on a push… you decide.

♠      Limit your action on PROPS, Tournaments (TNT) and Match-ups (MU)

      Enable the casino for your players and create a max win/loss limit to prevent them from getting out of hand.

♠      Ask your per head representative, what are the more popular strategies and configurations that their more successful agents use.

      A good bookmaker always pays on time and in-full. This will set the tone for a reciprocal payment relationship.

♠      Purchase a burner. Translation; a prepaid (non-traceable) cell phone. This is one of the safest ways to communicate with your players.

      If at all possible, try not to reveal to your clients that you are the actual bookmaker. Pose as a middle-man whenever possible.

♠      Be patient and don’t overreact. Especially when a player is on a streak. Those who win will surely be back to bet more. The saying goes “Every winner is a loser”.

      Get familiar with the Agent Line Mover tool. If you’re not comfortable with a particular line on a game, this tool allows you to adjust or remove the game from your board.

♠     See our link “How to be a bookmaker” for more useful tips.

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