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Agent PC Interface #1

Main Console: Includes Weekly Figures, Player Management, Pending Wagers, Positions, Player Statistics, Line Mover and much more.

Agent PC Interface #2

Weekly Balance: View your players weekly action in detail. Click on any of your players figures and track the wagering details and totals of of each day.

Action by Player: View your players totals, see who’s on top and separate the action between straight bets, parlays, teasers, reverses, casino and horses.

Player History: Check out your players wagering history and for how much at a glance. See each win and loss including the scores for each game.

Open Bets & Pending Wagers: See all of your players open bets with the ability to delete any wager before it’s been graded.

Agent Hold Percent: View your hold percent and see how much action you’re actually holding. See at a glance if your action is even or lopsided. A great tool for agents that occasionally lay off their action.

Player Messaging: Communicate with your players. Leave temporary or permanent messages for your players when they log in.

Player Management: Set your players credit limits, max and minimum bets, enable (or disable) sports, casino and horses. Enter player payments and disbursements with just a few clicks.

Agent Line Mover:  This tool allows to the ability to manually override your line. Move, hide, change or adjust your players lines. Bump the odds on local favorites or adjust lopsided odds or juice in your book.

Agent Position: See where the money is at and what your position is on each game. Spreads, totals, money-lines and more at a glance.

Agent Bet Ticker: Get instant email notifications when your players make a wager. Set the limit for whatever you like. When they place a wager that reaches your preset limit you’ll be notified immediately.

Player Access: See which of your players are logging in, when and from where. A very handy tool to have when dealing with the “wasn’t me” wise guy.

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