Finding a good price per head provider


  • Verify if they offer a full or tiered service. Full means they offer everything under one flat rate, and TIERED means that they offer lower levels of service at a reduced price. We do not recommend TIERED (or watered down) services. Oftentimes what is not included is something you need and you just end up upgrading and paying more later.
  • With more and more being automated, there’s less expense in running a Price Per Head shop then a few years ago. Anyone charging more than $20 per head is just being plain greedy in the hopes that you won’t know any better.
  • Be leery of those charging less than $8, unless you have more than 50 active players. It’s likely you will receive a watered down version of the services in hopes that you won’t be wise enough to notice the difference or will relent to upgrading later down the road.
  • Ask what line monitoring systems they use such as; Bet-Radar, Don Best, Sports-Options, etc.
  • Request or sign-up for a free trial before sending any money.
  • Will they provide an assigned rep to your account?
  • Do they offer all of the Price Per Head services and features you need besides sports betting at the price they are asking, such as all sports, LIVE wagering, casino and horses?
  • Test and review from a player perspective, by logging in as a player yourself and placing a few test wagers.  Verify that the interface is attractive, intuitive and most importantly, fast and easy to use.
  • What are their deactivation policies? Will they shut down your account on Monday, if your account balance falls into the red, or do they offer a grace period for customers that have been with them for a while? It can be very distressing when your PPH account is behind just a few dollars and now your players can’t log in for Monday night football.
  • How friendly is their management and how flexible are their policies if you need a little leeway?
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