Mobile Agent Interface

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Agent Figures:  See your figures for this and last week at a glance.

Mobile Agent Weekly Balances

Weekly Balance: View your players weekly action throughout the week.

Mobile Agent Action By Player

Action By Player: Statistical rundowns of your players.

Mobile Agent Open Bets

Open Bets: Inspect the open wagers in your queue.

Player Standings: View your players latest history and financial status reports.

Mobile Agent Position

Agent Position: View your position on each game and see who’s betting what.

Mobile Agent Exposure

Agent Exposure: Online book making software betting exposure reports.

Mobile Agent Player Management

Players Management: Record payments, manage your players permissions, credit limits, passwords, max wagers and more!

Mobile Agent Player History

Player History: Check out your players wagering history and for how much at a glance. See each win and loss including the scores for each game.

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