Online bookie software puts the local back in business!

Central America enjoyed a nice cash run in the late nineties up until 2006. This is when Congress put the squeeze on off-shore gaming. This was a big punch in the gut for the off-shore industry. No longer could US players use their credit cards or transfer funds openly for the purposes of gambling. This law definitely slammed on the breaks by creating more challenges with how money is collected and processed off-shore. Although it certainly didn’t stop anything. Many off-shore books saw this coming and immediately started converting their shops to accommodate the online bookie software service model (PPH). Over the past 10 years the online bookie software concept has effectively put the local bookie back in business. Now the local bookie can compete with the off-shore books. In addition online bookie software combined with the new generation of smartphones has more than doubled online action. This goes for both off-shore and local sports books. See “The Mobile Wagering Revolution” to read more on this topic. Or call Five Star Per Head today for more details. Don’t wait. Call today. 1-888-999-3943.


At the end of the day it’s the off-shore servers and call center that do all the heavy lifting. From processing and recording the wagers to managing the lines and daily action. All that’s left for the agent to do is exchange the money between his players and enjoy the vig… and then some! For more details regarding online bookie software see “What is price per head”. Or any of the other helpful links found on this website. Check out our Five Star online bookie software today! Don’t wait. Free trial. 2 Weeks free. Only $10 per head.  Sign up today! 1-888-999-3943.


Online bookie software puts the local bookie back in business                                                      Online bookie software puts the local bookie back in business

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