Horses and Race book.

Race book  Horse wagering is one of the most lucrative propositions a bookmaker can offer. There’s no other gaming activity (other than possibly the casino) that brings the odds more in the bookmakers favor. If you know anyone that enjoys playing horses, then you need to attract their business. There’s a lot less horse sharpies than there are for sports. Horse sharpies tend to hang out at the track and as a local bookmaker you have a competitive edge, in that you can offer credit without the player needing to post up at the window or even go to the track. With the aid of a good PPH service, you can even adjust the odds setting to real or off-track odds. 5 Star Per Head horse betting software allows your players access to up to the minute post (MTP) betting from over +80 tracks, so they place a wager right up to when the horses leave the gate from any location. Call 5 Star Per Head today, and take advantage of our Price Per Head race book service free for 2 weeks, and let your customers enjoy the best horse betting and race book experience. Check out for more details.


Race book                       Race book

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