Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you a Sportsbook?

No. We are an on-line off-shore software distribution company. We provide professional data processing services for fantasy sports enthusiast.

Where are you located and how long have you been in business?

We have been operating in Costa Rica since 2006. Our staff consists of IT and sports betting professionals with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Call 5 Star today for more details! 1-888-980-9342

How is my business protected?

We use 128 bit data encryption and state-of-the-art security to protect all of your agent and player data. Sensitive information can only be accessed by our management staff. Don’t wait. Call us today! 1-888-980-9342.

How much do you charge?

Only $10 per head (active player) each week or less.  With no hidden fees or minimum requirements. Only $150 initial deposit and 2 weeks free after sign-up to help you get started. Don’t wait. Call us today. 1-888-980-9342.

Why should I let you do my bookmaking when I can do it myself?

Book making is extremely time consuming. Players can call at any time and you need to keep track of lines and wagers as well as winnings and losses. In summary, outsourcing your book making saves you time so that you can focus on bringing in more players and expanding your business. Don’t wait. Call 5 Star today. 1-888-980-9342.

Why should I choose 5 Star Per Head Service?

There is certainly a lot of good price per head services out there. Although none of them are comparable to us. Competitors may try to attract you with low prices and teaser offers, but at what costs? Unresponsive staff, bad lines, incorrect grades and slow servers? Our state-of-the-art facility and customer service are just a few of the key elements that separate us from our competitors. We think outside the box. Many of our competitors will offer you something “special”. If you take a deeper look the specials they offer are merely gimmicks. Only to lure you into a low grade or watered down service. This is why Five Star Per Head service offers you solutions like your own personal account representative. This is unique in the industry. We do not pretend to know what you need. We know what you need to bring your business to the next level! We are at the forefront of all industry news and technical updates. Don’t wait. Call us today at 1-888-980-9342.

How can I be sure my players are receiving an accurate line?

Our team of talented line managers are the best in the industry! We believe trust is good, but control and ability is better. Especially when it comes to delivering the highest quality service possible. Also all of our clients have the ability to control their own lines remotely by logging in on our software. Don’t wait. Call 5 Star today. 1-888-980-9342.

Refer a friend and receive 2 free weeks or more.

When you refer a friend who becomes a member of 5 Star Per Head, you will be eligible to receive up to 2 weeks (or more) of our services completely free of charge! Don’t wait. Sign up today! 1-888-980-9342.

How to get started?

Simply complete the contact form or call one of our account managers at our toll free number 1-888-980-9342. Don’t wait. Call today!

Deposit Options?



This is a very popular means of making a deposit. Western Union is an international money transfer system for transferring funds between individuals. Now, you can make a Western Union deposit from your PC or smart phone.


You may send money online or at a Money-Gram agent location near you. Money-Gram is a global leader in international money transfers and provides reliable and convenient payment services.


You may deposit to your agent account by sending funds from your bank to ours. Bank wires will be credited immediately upon receipt of transfer. Usually in 1-3 days.


You can Fed-Ex or UPS blank money orders to fund your agent account.

Don’t wait. Call Five Star today!

Why us?

Superior service with the software and infrastructure to back it up. This is what makes us Five Star! 5 Star Per Head offers a high quality turn key solution for your sports book business. We constantly upgrade our interfaces to stay on the cutting edge. Enjoy free updates and support. Your image and reputation are important to us. Don’t wait. Call 5 Star today at 1-888-980-9342.

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Five Star Per Head Service Start up!

Once armed with an agent account your players can visit any of our websites to do their betting online. Or call the wagering support call center. Agents and players will then have access to a wide array of wagering options and client services. And the options are not limited to sports. We also include horse racing and access to live and digital casinos. Agents can track the action and have wagers recorded and graded in real-time. Since it is so profitable and easy to use, per head services have quickly grown in popularity. See our article “Per head service put the local bookie back in business”. With Five Star Per Head services a bookie no longer needs to track the action manually or answer calls. Now time can be devoted to existing clients and finding new ones. The benefits of using a quality PPH service are numerous. Offering greater earning potential, less work and no revenue splits. With so many pay per head services to choose from it can be difficult to decide which company to use. Read “How to find a good per head service provider” for more details. Our 5 Star per head service combined with the software and infrastructure to back it up is what makes us Five Star. Don’t wait. Call 5 Star today for your no obligation free trial. Our helpful and knowledgeable support staff are always available to answer your questions. Call now at 1-888-980-9342 or sign up today!

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