Master Agents and Sub Agents.

Did you know that the bookies that carry the most action do not interact with that many players? They are what are known in the industry as “Master Agents” and what they do is recruit “Sub-Agents”. For the sub agent it’s a win, win. The sub-agent has absolutely no financial risk with almost unlimited gain. The master agents role is to act as a bankroll. While the sub agent manages the players, collections and pay-outs for a commission based on player losses. Sub agent commissions usually vary between 10-35% and possibly as high as 50% if the sub agent has an exceptional client list.


Sub agents are just normal working class guys that are in constant contact with a regular group of people. Their occupations range from bartenders, small store operators (bodegas, pro-shops, pizza joints, etc.), barbers, golfers, doctors, lawyers and stockbrokers. Most sub agents gamble as well and as you know gamblers know other gamblers… it’s all part of the fun! See “How to be a bookie” for more information.


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PPH Master Agents and Sub-AgentsPPH Master Agents and Sub-Agents

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