Moving from another Price Per Head Bookie Service?

Are you thinking of moving to a different price per head bookie service but are afraid that you will lose your current usernames, settings, profiles and player settings? Not to mention having to prepare your players for the move? Well fear no more! There’s actually a very easy way to move your business to a new PPH shop with very little hassle and minimal expense. The best way to accommodate this goal is to start shopping early and interview a few price per head bookie services before making the big leap. Once you’ve decided on a PPH shop that you are comfortable with your new account manager should be able to log in to your current agent account and CLONE all of your existing settings and configurations… that’s it!


Do not deplete all of the funds from your existing PPH account before making the switch. Keeping the account open not only provides you with a fall back but will also allow your new price per head bookie service to log into the account and clone the all of your existing player configurations and info. Call Five Star Per Head for step-by-step, hassle-free instructions on how to migrate your bookmaking business with minimal effort and expense. Should you decide to go with 5 Star we will handle all of the details on your behalf. It’s easy because we do all the work! We value your business at 5 Star and do not mind going the extra mile. Don’t wait. Call us today!



Price per head bookie service migration?Price per head bookie service migration?

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