Sports Lines Integrity.

Sports lines integrity is one of the most overlooked aspects when shopping for a good PPH provider. If Sports lines management isn’t sharp and utilizing the latest software, you will be hemorrhaging money in no time.  Although more is being automated nowadays, good line mangers are still an essential component to the industry. One needs to keep constant vigil and be armed with the latest tools. Wise guy action monitoring, Bet-Radar and steam action alerts just to name a few. Most PPH providers do offer a sports lines management tool for their clients. Although most agents don’t have the time to manage and monitor their sports lines themselves. This is why it is essential to select a PPH service that is on top of their game. For more information on how to select a good PPH provider, see “How to shop for a good PPH provider“. Or call Five Star today for more details. Don’t wait. Call today! 1-888-999-3943.


The AGENT LINES manager (tool).
Most PPH services offer a sports lines management tool that allows agents to make manual adjustments to any of the games that appear on their board. This can be performed on a player by player basis or across the board with various LINE TYPES. Even geographical aspects, such as a team from a particular city or area that’s likely to bet on their home team. With agents having the ability to manage their own lines, an agent can move the line or juice (or both) to offset lopsided money flow on a particular game. This way you can direct money flow to the other side. Or in case of public opinion (or information), you can move the line or juice to increase your profit on a particular game. When an agent wants to move a line, (or odds) for his players, he simply logs into the agent website and selects the AGENT LINES tool. The agent line manager allows you to move all sports lines or just for individual games. You can also select “Follow” so that every time the line moves or has a change, the adjusted line will move accordingly. For more information and tips on line integrity and managing lines, call Five Star Per Head today for more details. Check out our Five Star online bookie software today! Don’t wait. Free trial. 2 Weeks free. Only $10 per head.  Sign up today! 1-888-999-3943.


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